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NCNW Greater Atlanta Business Directory

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Larche' Communications

Diane Powell Larche’, CEO & President

PO Box 311912
Atlanta, GA 31131

Business #: 404-273-3227

Description: Larche Communications is a Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, Media Relations and Promotions Firm.


Lula's Candle Company, LLC.

Courtney D. Sykes, Founder and Owner

Atlanta, GA 30318

Business # 404-496-8899


L. Hudson-19.jpg

Disability Advocates Service

Beryl Hudson, CEO & President
PO Box 83117

Conyers, GA 30094

Business #: 678-755-1229
Fax: 866-372-9261


Simply The Best Events

Kidada Muhammad, CEO

Business #: 404-217-9328 

Averri Liggins Headshot 3 (2).jpg

Black Business Connect



Description: Black Business Connect offers branding services (website design, graphic design) and exposure/feature opportunities for minority entrepreneurs.


Black Women Moguls



Description: Black Women Moguls' help black women business owners increase their visibility and connections so they can grow their sales. We accomplish this through our Unleashing Your Inner Mogul Program, which provides business training, marketing opportunities, and events. These exclusive resources help our clients build a profitable business without feeling lost or overwhelmed.


The Jetset Mogul



Description: A swimsuit and sunglasses store that offers travel agency services.


Busines With Sophia Business Solutions

Sophia Burns, Chief Virtual Officer
PO Box 11165

Atlanta, GA. 30310

Business #: 404-988-1902


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